Welcome to The Luminous Chronicles, an inbox publication and public archive by Dr Kit Kat & friends for the ongoing nourishment of the more-than-human


In times of polycrisis, where can a creative mind find hope and inspiration? Each month, materials that answer this question are carefully gathered into a parcel tied with a virtual string and sent in the post, to be absorbed like vitamins.

From shared ephemera and tools to musings on the daily life of creatives engaged in systems change work, this is a publication about what it looks like to sift through the flotsam and jetsam of the mundane everyday, and come out the other side smiling.

Readers are warmly invited to submit their own traces (in the form of words, images and other items) to be woven into the collective consciousness of future chronicles.

By more-than-human, we mean the multiple species, agencies, and processes which humans live in close webs of interdependent relation with, including animal, vegetal, and algorithmic others.

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An inbox publication for nourishment of the more-than-human spirit


Dr KitKat

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